1. Norb 1 & 2

    I just learned that Tumblr now allows a filesize of up to 2MB for GIFs 400x400 and smaller. That’s kind of life-changing, since I’ve been struggling to get many of my 480x480 GIFs in at under 1MB, so I’ll be happy to reduce my image sizes in exchange to more than double the image quality or number of frames in the animation. So 400x400 is going to be my new size for a while. Though… perhaps 360x360 would be cool because it’s one of those resolutions that I prefer for some reason, which still fits into the 400x400 bracket… but I’ll have to play with it and make my mind up in a little while.

    Also, I think I’m going to go back to posting a lot more things in more of an “in progress but it’s cool enough to post” state. Why? Because when I go back over some of my older stuff, I find it really awesome to kind of see the evolution of a design. I don’t know though - What do you think about seeing me posting stuff which is less polished, but you get to see the designs evolving?


  2. Even More Easter Shark Silliness!

    A continuation of the previous bouts of Easter Shark silliness. :)


  3. The Easter Shark!

    This post is continued silliness from my previous “Sharks!” GIF set.

    On Easter Eve, families all across the world sit down together to make a large colorful mess in their kitchens, which attracts the Easter Shark the next day. The Easter Shark can smell color using his extra special nose-holes, which can smell color from millions of miles away!

    The Easter Shark has a very important job - Every Easter, he swims across the sky in a Rainbow to spread Spring everywhere! Along his way, he swims down that Rainbow to deliver Candy to all of the boys and girls. For the good kids, he leaves Cadbury Eggs in pockets of the Easter Pants which they hang on the Refrigerator. For the bad kids, the Easter Shark bites the Cadbury Eggs in half and leaves a broken, gooey mess in their pockets, which is gross.

    What Easter traditions do you have? Does your family make a colorful mess in the kitchen to attract the Easter Shark to your home?


  4. Sharks!

    Perhaps these are warm spring colors. Perhaps these are Easter Sharks. Perhaps these are all on the surface of an Easter Egg. Perhaps I stayed up all night playing with Easter Sharks swimming in an opaque sea of colors. Perhaps I ought to get some sleep now because perhaps I’m being a bit too silly at the moment.

    The shading inspiration for this scene came from "strike!" by Arne Breusing - Thanks for your continued inspiration, Arne!


  5. Chess - Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop

    High quality versions here: http://imgur.com/gallery/GAiiU

    Normally I post my GIFs larger than this, but I wasn’t able to make the 96 frame long Knight animation look any good at 1MB until I scaled it all the way down to 240x240. Please take the time to look at the high quality versions I posted on Imgur. :)

    So about a month ago, I saw an Aerial Arts performance of a game of Chess, and it was really cool. The two performers that stood out to me the most were the awesome White Feathery Juggling Acrobat Bishop (at least I think he was supposed to be a Bishop - it was kind of an abstract interpretive dance event, but like, in the air) and a Wicked Hot Red Queen. Anyway, I really liked how costume designers used white and gold for the designs of the ‘white’ pieces, and red and black for the designs of the ‘black’ pieces. I liked the way they used the red in their costumes so much, I thought that it would be fun to make a set of Chess GIFs and use red for my non-white pieces.

    If anyone is wondering, I’ve always liked the movement pattern of the Knight more than any of the other pieces. Yes, I am aware of the mathemagical fun of the concept of the Knight’s Tour.


  6. Cascading Tiles - Rose Variant

    High quality versions here: http://imgur.com/gallery/LqgYv

    I thought a pink, z-depth colored version of this design would be rather nice to post just before bed tonight. Rest well, internets!


  7. Cascading Tiles 4

    High quality version: http://imgur.com/gallery/Or0zjls

    I’m not perfectly happy with this design because of how some of the tiles overlap as they rotate, but I’ve been too busy to post for a while now, and this was an easy one to make to try and get back into the creativity groove. What do you think?

    The original Cascading Tiles GIF can be found here.


  8. NPXL

    High quality version here: http://imgur.com/gallery/9xjT5Az/

    IT’S COMING. SOON. I’m working on a complete re-design of my personal website, because it is SOOO overdue. These are the letters for the domain name I picked up for some custom URL shortening tricks.


  9. Pills

    High quality versions here: http://imgur.com/gallery/KmAMa

    I was told that these pills looked like red antihistamine capsules. I may have been inspired to create this because it’s just starting to turn into Allergy Season(Obviologist) where I live. The last camera angle in this set was composed by Obviologist.

    This design was partially inspired by "3" created by Dagliga Bilderna, and "Artificial Paradise" by Beverly Fishman, but I was reminded to try a design with rounded cylinders by "TASTE THE FUTURE" by LUMBRE.


  10. hazeandcoconutjuice asked: Hi there! You have some really cool work. I really like your 'trippy' patterns and things like "Lizard in the Disco"! I was wondering, do you think you could perhaps make a music video to a song? A compilation of gifs of your artwork to fit the song around 2:30-3minutes in length? Of course, it would be incredibly time consuming, so I would happily pay you for your work. There wouldn't need to be any narrative, just a compilation of gifs. Not sure if you can do this, but if you can let me know!

    Why, thank you! I am very glad that you enjoy my work! Yes, I have been contemplating working on a music video for a while now, but since I’m always trying to learn and grow through working on newer, more challenging designs and projects, I don’t think I’ll be creating one composed of previous GIFs. Also, since the act of creating motion graphics is something that I’m doing in my free time for fun and relaxation(emphasis on improving quality of life outside of the workplace here), it may as well be music that I enjoy as well. What song did you have in mind? If I can connect with it, I may give it a try!

    My contact information is here, if you would like to talk details: http://nuclearpixel.com/contact/